Renoir Miyama Wi-Fi


  • Free Wi-Fi service mark
  • Free Wi-Fi service is available at the store with this mark .
    Available to provide a three -hour free once a day if you who have the Wi-Fi equipment anyone internet.
    Available to provide a three -hour free once a day.
    ※ Agree to the Wire and Wireless Co., Ltd. Terms of Use , please use.


Please understand that depending on the store environment, you may feel the difficulties to connect due to the shape of the building, the distance from the accesspoint, or the number of the customers using the Wi-Fi.

Data transmitted through Renoir_Miyama_Wi-Fi is not encoded and could possibly be intercepted. Furthermore, there is no filtering system to block harmful websites. We ask that users of Renoir_Miyama_Wi-Fi be aware of these facts and exercise appropriate caution. Please refrain from inputting sensitive information such as IDs, passwords, credit card information, etc. Thank you.


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