Q.01:What is Renoir_Miyama_Wi-Fi service?
A."Renoir_Miyama_Wi-Fi" is a Wi-Fi service operated by Wire and Wireless.
You can enjoy Wi-Fi service at Ginza Renoir stores.
Q.02:Do I need to sign up?
A.You do not need to sign up.You get a Guest Code.
Q.03:How much do you charge?
A.It is free service.
Q.04:Do I need to pay communication fee when I use my device such as a smartphone on Renoir_Miyama_Wi-Fi service?
A.No communication fee is required when you connect your device to the Wi-Fi on Renoir_Miayama_Wi-Fi service.
Q.05:Can I use my PC?
A.Yes, you can use PCs, tablets, or smartphones devices
Q.06:Is this service available in all Ginza Renoir stores?
A.Some stores may not provide the Wi-Fi service. For further details, please check Wi-Fi available shop search.
Also, please understand that depending on the store environment, you may feel the difficulties to connect due to the shape of the building, the distance from the accesspoint, or the number of the customers using the Wi-Fi.
Q.07:Is there any restrictions on use of any applications?
A.There is no restriction on use of any software applications. However, we do not gurantee that any applications will run correctly in any Renoir_Miyama_Wi-Fi.
Q.08: What do I need to use Renoir_Miayama_Wi-Fi service?
A.With wireless LAN equipped mobile devices complying with Wi-Fi Standards (IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n), you can enjoy our Wi-Fi service. And a web browser.
Q.09:Can I use multiple devices?
A.Yes, but simultaneous login is not permitted. Please use the service with one device at a time.
Q.10:I forgot my guest code. What should I do?
A.You can reset your password again.
Q.11:Can I get a guest code in a Ginza Renoir store?
A.The acquisition of the guest code is required environment that can send and receive e-mail.
Q.12:I cannot see my login page.
A.Do you connect "Renoir_Miayama_Wi-Fi" ? When you are connected, and a login screen does not exit, please contact the following reference.
Q.13:How can I disconnect or logout from Renoir_Miayama_Wi-Fi service in a Ginza Renoir shop?
A.Please turn off the Wi-Fi on your device.